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Excel - Excel for Accounting - Formulas, VLOOKUP & INDEX, PivotTables, Recorded Macros, Charts, Keyboards

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Download file (ALL THE WAY AT BOTTOM OF PAGE): http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htmKeyboards 0:01:47Jump: Ctrl + Arrow 0:02:20Go To Cell A1: Ctrl + Home 0:02:36Highlight column: Click, Shift, Click 0:02:50Toggle Ribbon tabs On/Off: Ctrl + F1 0:03:18Format Cells dialog box or in a chart Format Chart dialog box: Ctrl + 1 0:03:40Currency Number Format: Ctrl + Shift + 4 0:04:08Highlight column: Ctrl + Shift + Arrow0:04:20Currency Vs Accounting Number Format 0:05:00Alt keys: 0:05:47PivotTable: Alt, N, V, T 0:05:47PivotTable 2003: Alt, D, P 0:05:47Page Setup: Alt, P, S, P 0:05:47SUM: Alt + = 0:08:38"Put thing in cell and move selected cell up": Shift + Enter 0:09:35"Put thing in cell and keep cell selected": Ctrl + Enter 0:09:35Select sheet to right: Ctrl + PageDown 0:11:11Select sheet to left: Ctrl + PageUp 0:11:11Number Formatting As Façade: 0:11:52Decimal Number Format 0:12:38Date Number Format 0:13:56Keyboard for today's hard caded date: 0:13:56Time Number Format 0:17:10Percentage Number Format 0:21:25Efficient Formula Creation 0:25:01Excel's Golden Rule: If a formula input can vary, put it in a cell and refer to it in the formula with a cell reference 0:25:01Formula elements, types of formulas, types of data 0:25:01Monthly Allocation Formula: illustrate formula input that can be hard coded into formula 0:27:00Tax (inefficient formula): illustrate formula input that can should NOT hard coded into formula 0:27:35Tax (efficient formula): illustrate Golden Rule 0:27:35Net Cash In formula: illustrate Golden Rule 0:27:35Net Income formula: illustrate formula with built-in function within a larger formula 0:30:00In Balance? formula: illustrate Logical formula 0:30:40First & Last Name Join Formula: illustrate Text formula 0:31:54COUNTIF formula: illustrate counting with criteria 0:33:29COUNTIF & Label formula: illustrate counting with criteria and how the join symbol is used with criteria 0:34:19Clear Formatting 0:35:50SUMIFS to add with two criteria 0:36:21SUMIFS to add between 2 dates 0:38:08Count workdays formula to illustrate new Excel 2010 function NETWORKDAYS.INTL 0:41:46Relative and Absolute Cell References 0:41:46Mixed cell references in budget formula 0:43:58Lookup Formulas 0:49:50VLOOKUP to lookup product price: illustrate Exact Match lookup 0:49:50Data Validation List: 0:53:10VLOOKUP and IFERROR 0:55:13VLOOKUP to lookup commission rate: illustrate Approximate Match lookup 0:56:45Retrieve record (2-way lookup) with VLOOKUP and MATCH 0:59:53MATCH, ISNA and ISNUMBER functions to compare 2 lists 1:03:38INDEX and MATCH to lookup Left 1:07:00Pivot Tables 1:10:02Proper Data Set 1:10:02PivotTables Pivot Tables are Easy 1:12:00Visualize Table First 1:12:00Adding with One or Two Conditions (Criteria) 1:12:00Report Layout 1:16:58Number Formatting 1:17:44Style Formatting, Create Your Own 1:19:05Pivoting 1:21:21Listing Two Fields in Row Labels 1:21:21Collapsing Pivot Table Row 1:21:59Changing Calculation: SUM to AVERAGE 1:22:42Adding with Three Criteria 1:23:29Filtering a Row (Show Top Two Regions), Clear Filter 1:24:46Filter whole report with Report Filter 1:25:55Show Report Filter Pages (30 PivotTables with 1 click) 1:27:55Filter whole report with Report Filter or Slicer 1:28:30Compare Formulas and PivotTables 1:30:13Grouping Dates in PivotTables 1:33:42Difference between Grouping Integers and Grouping Decimals 1:35:41Pivot Chart 1:39:00Show Values As: 1:40:45Copy PivotTable 1:41:43Running Totals & % Running Totals 1:42:00% of Grand Totals, % of Column Total, % of Row Total 1:43:01Difference From, % Difference From 1:44:17Multiple Calculation in one PivotTable 1:46:26Creating Second PivotTable from Second Cache of data using Excel 2003 keyboard shortcut for 3-step Wizard 1:47:54Blank in number field causes PivotTable to Count by Default 1:49:30Text in Date field prohibits Grouping of Dates 1:50:09Recorded Macros For Reports:Basic Recorded Macro 1:51:05Format Report using Absolute References and save in Personal Workbook 1:55:10How to trick the Macro Recorder into seeing a variable height report using Relative References 2:00:51Rearrange records from vertical orientation to proper table using Relative References 2:09:01Charts 2:13:35Chart Types 2:13:35Column Chart and How The Chart Wizard Interprets Data From Cells 2:17:48Chart keyboards (Create Default Chart) 2:18:10Select Data Source Dialog Box 2:20:30Linking Chart Title to Cells 2:23:09Selecting Chart Elements 2:23:55Keyboard for Format Chart Element: Ctrl + 1 2:24:09Saving Chart Templates 2:25:43Setting Default Charts 2:26:48Copy Charts 2:27:45Bar and Stacked Bar charts 2:27:57Line Chart & Change Source Data 2:31:39Number Formatting to show "K" or "M" 2:34:52Line Chart vs. X Y Chart 2:35:53X Y Scatter 2:36:45X Y Scatter Line Break Even Analysis Chart 2:41:28Multiple chart types 2:42:42Washington Accounting Association Excel 2013

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