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Excel - How to Use VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel 2010

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How to Use VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel 2010 from "Power Excel 2010 with Mr. Excel" LiveLessons: http://www.quepublishing.com/store/power-excel-2010-with-mrexcel-livelessons-video-training-97807897439307+ Hours of Video InstructionYou've got Microsoft Excel 2010...now get the most out of it, faster and more easily than ever before! In 90 quick video lessons, Power Excel 2010 with MrExcel shows how to maximize your productivity with Microsoft Excel 2010's best tools and shortcuts. Expert Bill Jelen simplifies powerful features including PivotTables, PowerPivot, Sparklines, Goal Seek, Cell Styles, Color Scales, Icon Sets, Data Bars, Web Queries, Backstage View, and more! Get more done faster with customized workbooks, the Quick Access Toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts...control and analyze data more effectively...communicate more visually with new charting tools and SmartArt...and plenty more! Just watch: You'll master high-powered Microsoft Excel 2010 skills at your own pace--and get specific answers and solutions immediately, whenever you need them! For anyone who wants to master Microsoft Excel 2010 fast--from novices to experienced power users. Bill Jelen is MrExcel, as well as an Excel MVP. He is an accomplished Excel author and the principal behind the leading Excel website, MrExcel.com. As an Excel consultant, he has written Excel VBA solutions for hundreds of clients around the English-speaking world. His website hosts more than 12 million page views annually. Jelen is author of the five-star reviewed Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, co-author of VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel, co-author of Pivot Table Data Crunching, and author of Learn Excel From Mr. Excel. Part 1 Excel Interface1 - Ribbon, QAT, Mini Toolbar, Live Preview 2 - Finding Icons 3 - Customizing the Ribbon 4 - Backstage View 5 - Recent Documents 6 - Keyboard Shortcuts 7 - Zoom Slider and Page Layout 8 - Unlocking the Big Grid 9 - Data Entry Tricks 10 - Customize All Future Workbooks 11 - Copy Worksheets 12 - Change All Worksheets 13 - Arranging Windows 14 - Saving Workbook to PDF 15 - Saving Workbook to Excel Web AppPart 2 Text Formulas16 - Drag the Fill Handle17 - Create Your Own Series18 - Joining Text19 - Rapid Formula Copy20 - Convert to Proper Case21 - Joining Dates22 - Formulas to Values23 - Breaking Apart Text24 - Parsing Fixed WidthPart 3 Formulas25 - AutoSum Tricks26 - Formula Auditing27 - Three Ways of Entering Formulas28 - Relative Versus Absolute Formulas29 - Tables and Table Formulas30 - Discovering Functions31 - Goal Seek32 - IF Formulas33 - VLOOKUP34 - Date and TimePart 4 Sorting & Filtering35 - Data Preparation36 - One-Click Sorting37 - Sorting by Color38 - Sorting by Weekday39 - Rearranging Columns40 - Filter by Selection41 - Other ways to Filter42 - Remove DuplicatesPart 5 Subtotals43 - Subtotals44 - Collapsing Subtotals45 - Copy Subtotals46 - Formatting Subtotals47 - Sorting Subtotals48 - Changing Sum to Count in 1 column49 - Data Consolidate50 - Easy-XLPart 6 Pivot Tables51 - Creating a Pivot Table52 - Changing a Pivot Table53 - Pivot Gotchas54 - Pivot Formatting55 - Drill Down56 - Pivot Calculations57 - Summarizing Dates58 - Pivot Sorting59 - Filtering Row Fields 60 - Top 10 Report61 - Filtering a Pivot Table with Slicers62 - Slicers on Two Pivot Tables63 - 50 Reports in 5 Seconds64 - Using GetPivotDataPart 7 PowerPivot65 - Getting Data into PowerPivot66 - Adding Calculations in PowerPivot67 - Linking Tables in PowerPivot68 - Creating Pivot Table in PowerPivot69 - Sorting in PowerPivotPart 8 Charting and SmartArt70 - Creating and Formatting a Chart71 - Adding or Removing Chart Data72 - Saving Favorite Chart Settings73 - Charting Differing Orders of Magnitude74 - Pie Chart Tricks75 - Sparklines76 - Labeling Sparklines77 - Creating SmartArt78 - Smart Art FormulasPart 9 Visual Impact79 - Cell Styles and Document Themes80 - Color Scales, Icon Sets, Data Bars81 - Icons for Only a Subset82 - Paired Bar Charts with Negative Data Bars83 - Picture Tools and WordArt84 - Picture Background Removal85 - Insert Screen Clipping86 - Equation EditorPart 10 Tips & Tricks87 - Web Queries88 - Turn Data89 - Choose from a List90 - ToolTips for a Cell91 - Word Processing in Excel92 - Have a Talk with Excel

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